I am very happy about the fact, that I grew up in a country like Germany. I am lucky that I
could enjoy the standard and life quality and also a bit of the luxury.

At a certain moment in life I started to think about these things and realized that I reached a lot or even everything in life, that I could reach all my goals and make all my wishes come true.

On the other hand I also thought a lot about all the things that happend. That's why I set the goal to write this book. It's a retrospective of my life and a fantastic time.

My life was shaped - among others - by one person, that went with me through a part of my life, but even more, changed it. Through this book I want to say "Thank you!". Thank you for everything she did for me and for everything that I owe to her. Thank you for the beautiful years. Thank you for this wonderful time.

From the bottom of my heart I support her future career and personal way, and even more her happy life without sorrows, because she has got the potential to become somebody very special in Croatia.

That's why I decided to give all the revenue from selling and marketing this book to Anamarija.

All the best Anči!
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