In the first place Anči Der Weg (m)einer Liebe is a biography. It's a book about my great love for
Croatia. It tells the story about my stays in a health resort in Veli Lošinj during my childhood,
my travels and experiences during the last years and finally the fulfillment of my dream to live

A paradise for the children from the German Democratic Republic -
My Croatia - Destiny Slavonia

In my book I tell the story of how I fell in love with Croatia. It was in 1980 when I first traveled to a
health resort for kids in Veli Lošinj. All in all I went there 4 times until the middle of the 80s. I was
totally cured by my stays at the Adriatic Sea and that's how I developed my love and deep
thankfulness for Croatia. For many years I regularly organize meetings with former kids and
employees from that health resort. I will write about these experiences in the first part of my book.

The second part is about numerous travels all over Croatia throughout the last 20 years and the
friendships that I made. My book describes my life and how Croatia more and more became my
home. I travel to Croatia 10 times a year and have tears in my eyes every time I go back to
Germany. In addition my book serves as a small travel guide for everybody who wants to discover
this beautiful country and see more then one of the hotels at the Adriatic Sea. I describe what I
especially like about Croatia. The diverse landscape and even more the lovely people, that are
simple,authentic and honest. That's the real Croatia beyond the mainstream tourism which
fascinates me so much, that I want to live there forever.

What started out during my childhood is concluded in my destiny in Slavonia. I will never forget the roots, what brought me to Slavonia and above all Garavuše and especially Anamarija. I want to tell an authentic life story from my chosen homes Kutjevo and Požega and feel the true life in these places that are the most fascinating ones in Croatia. It's where the true Croatia is and where the most lovely Croatians live. Where life is hard but honest and where people still need to work hard in order to earn their Kuna. People have less and share it from the bottom of their hearts. I love them and feel with them. I want to live with them and their problems and sorrows have become mine.

I have good friends everywhere in Croatia. They did not only help me during the last couple of years but also during the preparations for my project. I want to use this chance to say thank you to everybody and I look forward to a beautiful time in Croatia. A very special thank goes to my lovely wife Simone. Without her full support and tolerance it all would not have become what it is: The realisation of my life dream.

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